The Hayden5 Drop Kit™  is a patent-pending, contactless production solution for remote video and photo capture.  Drop Kits provide real-time direction with professional cameras, lighting and audio equipment.

The innovators of the official DROP KIT™ & Drop Crew℠ & DROP Link™

Super Drop Kit™ | Video Drop Kit™  | Drop Kit™ Photo | Drop Crew℠ | Drop Link™

Super Drop Kit™


Super Drop Kits, include a remote head for camera movement, precision focus control, remote controlled LED lighting, and more.

Video Drop Kit™


Video Drop Kits are completely contactless, broadcast quality camera system deployments with remote video communication, autofocus facial detection, professional sound and lighting, and more.

Drop Kit™ Photo


Drop Kit Photo puts the controls back into the remote photographer’s hands, allowing for complete controls from shutter and exposure.