A Video Agency

We believe the process of making world-class video content should constantly evolve. In an industry that is antiquated, fractured, and unorganized, we are innovative, unified, and methodized.

Hayden5 is the most reliable name in video. Our emphasis on process, craftsmanship, and relationship-driven collaboration has made us a leader in content production for over thirteen years.

As a team of power-producers, skilled in all aspects of the motion picture lifecycle, we facilitate projects from ideation to production through post.

We’re famous for creating tech-enabled service-products that answer the demands of an ever-evolving video creation landscape, from remote workflows to software.

Collaborating with agencies and enterprises, we create high-impact videos at home and abroad, deploying local teams, worldwide. We have a knack for multi-city activations, delivering consistency in volume, and quality in unique deliverables.

Founded by two NYU Film School graduates (who met in Hayden Hall in 2005), the company came of age when video met the internet.

Hayden5 was named one of Fast Company’s 10 most innovative companies in video in 2022